Short History

1940 – 1996: located 1450 m above the sea level, the Suru Chalet is the first stop for all enthusiastic hikers who aim to cross the Fagaras Ridge from West to East. It is the ideal direction to hike, since the wind blows in that direction.

 It was built in 1940 by the Romanian Turing Club. In the 60’s – 90’s the chalet was the starting point for many generations of tourists on their way to the ridge trail.

old suru
suruold (1)

For many years, the Suru chalet was also the starting point for the National Mountaineering Championship. Dozens of climbing teams fought for supremacy every winter. Unfortunately, in 1980 alpinist Gigi Pascu died in an avalanche. In the search operation that followed, mountain rescuer Robert Ungureanu lost his life also in an avalanche. As a tribute to his commitment, a monument was built several hundred meters above the chalet.

aval (1)

December 1996 was a tragic year. A devastating fire destroyed the original chalet. Until 2000 no one took care of the settlement and it fell into oblivion. Then a team of volunteers took small steps and transformed the former horse and donkey stable into a mountain shelter. Big changes happened in July 2012 when the shelter was renovated and transformed into a chalet.

DSCF0037 (1)

In 2016 the Chalet was expanded. Indoor toilets, sinks, warm shower, and new rooms were attached to the existing facility. 

Starting with 2020, the growing team brings even greater ambitions. We believe that curiosity is an ingredient to keep you tight to us. Very soon you will have the chance toexperience new highlights in mountain hospitality.