Dear friends,

Even if the pandemic disrupted our “normal” rhythm of life, we come back step by step, being aware that we all have to make a series of changes. 

We have decided to reopen the hut starting with 12.06.2020, under following set of rules:

  • Accommodation is only possible with a confirmed reservation, after filling in the form in the link: 
  • If you have symptoms of flu or cold, please postpone the trip;
  • It is MANDATORY to have an own SLEEPING BAG & TOWEL;
  • Inside the hut wearing a mask is mandatory (a scarf / buff is also allowed);
  • All guests will be registered in a database (in compliance with the GDPR regulations);
  • Inside the hut it is mandatory to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m;
  • Spend as much time as possible outside the hut and in small groups. 

We kindly ask you to support our efforts to comply with the protection measures required during this period.

We look forward to see you again!

The Suru Hut team

Please check out also the House rules